I’ll be missing him so bad when tomorrow he’ll be off with his family for a vacation and I’m busy with my driving lessons.Things aren’t like how I’ve expected it would be.But then maybe there’s a reason behind it.However,I’m still looking forward on our second date.Hope there will be a chance for both of us.Just a twist of fate.

He’s gonna be superb busy next year with his exam preparations and yeah still got no clue for what’s gonna happen to me.To be honest,I’m sometimes afraid of growing older.Afraid of having new things in life,sudden changes.And how am I going to adapt to those situations.Being an adult is no joke,and having huge responsibilities are what I’m worried most.I’m scared that I just can’t make it through.

Since I’m the eldest among my siblings.Of course I’m worried.I mean,the future.Sometimes,I pictured it myself as a nightmare.How can a typical girl like me carry such huge task of my life ? I’ve no clue but just a big question mark left in my head.


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